【遊戲 - 價目】
▫️3290 面額 NT 2200
▫️2690 面額 NT 1760
▫️2290 面額 NT 1540
▫️1690 面額 NT 1100

"Heart thumping and thought-evoking turn-based puzzler" "Less of an action thriller and more of a turn-based puzzle game" -mashable "fascinating way to reinvent the zombie cliche." -indiegameriOS [Don't let the dead eyes see you.] Dead Eyes is a turn-based puzzle game in a grey foggy world being taken over by zombies. In every stage, you will help Jack, a curly-haired boy left alone, survive and reach the destination alive. DEAD EYES features: -100+ levels in 4 Episodes -4 different zombie types with various move patterns -interactable objects for tricks to slip away from the deadly eyes. -Full stars in special stages=Collection unlock=Hillarious costume mode!! -Achievements and Leaderboard integrated -Everyplay integrated for sharing/boasting your play video! [Facebook] [Trailer] “心砰砰直跳和思想,喚起回合制益智遊戲” “一個動作驚悚片的更小,更回合制益智遊戲”-mashable “有趣的方式重塑殭屍陳詞濫調。” -indiegameriOS [不要讓眼睛死看你。] 眼睛死是採取在一個灰色霧的世界回合制益智遊戲在被殭屍。 在每一個階段,你會幫助傑克,捲曲頭髮的男孩單獨留在家中,生存和到達目的地活著。 眼睛死特點: -100+在4情節水平 -4不同類型的殭屍與各種移動模式 對於技巧-interactable對象從致​​命的眼神溜走。 - 全明星在特殊賽段=收集解鎖= Hillarious服裝模式! -Achievements和綜合排行榜 -Everyplay集成了共享/吹噓你播放視頻! [Facebook的] [預告]

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